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Cross-State Bike Ride to Promote Road Sharing Safety

To encourage safe cycling and to promote road respect throughout the state, bicyclists in Utah are taking to the roads this week.

The 2012 Road Respect Tour commenced in Beaver on Monday morning and the tour made it through Cedar City and St. George by the day's end. The tour is moving through Panguitch and Richfield and will continue through Saturday with the final stop in Logan, where a Road Rally at the historic Logan Court House will allow the public to celebrate the riders.

The goal of the Road Respect Tour is to spread the message of proper cycling etiquette throughout the state and to encourage safe interactions between cars and bicycles on Utah's roads. Anyone can join the tour for as long as they want to ride along if they wear a helmet and follow traffic laws. There will be also be Road Rallies and Road Stops in towns all along the way that the public is welcome to attend to ask questions about sharing the road in Utah and to encourage the riders.

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Join UPR on Saturday, June 9, from 4:00 - 6:00 p.m. at the Logan Court House as we welcome the riders across the finish line.