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New Website is One-Stop-Shop for Living with Wildfires in Utah

Extension Fire Website.jpg
The new website from USU extension is Fire.USU.edu.

Carolyn Washburn is a family educator with Utah State University Extension. She talked to Kerry Bringhurst the extension service's new website devoted to living with wildfires.

"Utah State University has always been concerned with helping families be prepared for all aspects of their lives. As the wildfire season hit so strongly this summer, we thought we wanted to put some materials together that could provide families and individuals with resources on how to prevent wildfires and ways to clean up after it."

Prevention is the most important thing, according to Washburn, so it's the first thing on the website. But then there is also information on how to stay safe during a wildfire and how to clean-up after a wildfire.

"It's very discouraging for people when they come home after a wildfire. This website gives them ideas on how to start to clean up sooth and ash, what types of food is still safe and what to throw away, and how to clean up fire retardant."

Everything you need to know about living with wildfires in Utah is now at fire.usu.edu.