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Utah Ghost Town for Sale

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Real estate housing prices have dropped but what is the market price for a whole town?

The listing reads like a wild west exhibit: old gold mine, a geyser, and a supposed hideout of famed outlaws. And it's all for sale in a middle-of-nowhere ghost town of Woodside 3 hours southeast of Salt Lake City.

Listing Price? $3.9 million.

Woodside once bustled with about 300 residents in the early 1900s when it was a water stop for steam engines. Now the town sits empty, save for 2 free-range llamas that come with the deal.

There is a working geyser still, but it no longer shoots high after being jammed by vandals.

The real estate agent says the property is full of potential with a rich history. Historians believe Butch Cassidy and his gang once used the remote canyon country of the San Rafael Swell near Woodside as a hideout.