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Human Library Turns Reading into a Conversation

Visitors this week to the Merrill Cazier Library on Utah State University's campus have not only been able to borrow books, but people, too. Mackinzie Hamilton went to check out the Human Library for Utah Public Radio

How did you deal with having breast cancer? Isn't it sad to care for hospice patients? What's the Unitarian Church all about? These are all questions that could be answered by checking out one of 30 titles from the Human Library.

Breast cancer survivor Beth Waldon says, "It's sounds funny to say that cancer was the best thing that ever happened to me in my life -- it wasn't not the best but it was up there in the top business -- I wouldn't volunteer to do it again but it taught me so much about gratitude and breathing meditation and joy and being in the moment."

Melissa Brent's title is Victim No More: "People are really surprised by the answers. People think that the only kind of abuse situations you get are what you get in sociology or psychology books, but it's not. Every situation is different."

Human Librarian Anne Heidrich hopes the event has brought the community closer together: "Every human being has a message that can help other human beings. This is an opportunity for other individuals to have their experiences enlarged by asking about the experiences of the books that are here."