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Utah State University Celebrates Tradition and a More Secure Future


Utah State University President Stan Albrecht will recognize more than 53,000 alumni and other donors who contributed to the university's comprehensive campaign, Honoring Tradition, Securing the Future, Celebrating Success.

Albrecht will host a celebration on Friday, October 12, where he will announce the final campaign number.

"Obviously private institutions have survived by doing this for many many years, so this tradition is out there. They basically live on return from their endowment and student tuition. Public institutions have been able to rely more on public support -- state support. But the pattern over a large number of years has been a loss of that state support. Our numbers continue to go down so we have simply had to find other ways to continue to move this institution forward and philanthropy becomes an increasingly important part of that."

During the campaign, 4 colleges have been named, more than 230 new endowments to support student and faculty were established, and 24 buildings constructed.