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Representative Chaffetz On Gun Control and Mental Health

Utah Congressman Jason Chaffetz is speaking out about mental health in the wake of Friday’s shooting in Newton, Connecticut. The Republican Representative told Jessica Gail he’s open to gun control for those with mental illness.

"I particularly worry about those with mental illness, there capability of making rash decisions. I really worry that we’re getting them the care, and the diagnoses that they need and making those kind of diagnoses available."

Chaffetz says while the issue should be addressed in Washington, it will also take every community getting involved before something gets done.

"A lot of this really comes back to families, and churches, and communities and schools and county and state government. I don’t think there will be some magic federal law that will come in and solve this."

Chaffetz says he does not support more general gun control, such as measures proposed by Democratic Representative Donna Edwards of Maryland who has suggested background checks on all weapons purchased at gun shows or from an individual.