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Logan City Holds Public Input Meetings for Community Improvements


Representatives from a Northern Utah neighborhood council will meet with residents during the month of January. A series of information gathering meetings and workshops are scheduled to begin Wednesday.

Residents living in Logan are being invited to share ideas on how money used for community development block grants (CBG) can best benefit their neighborhood.

James Olson oversees the distribution of the federal monies for Logan City. He says the neighborhood council and Logan City officials are interested in how the city can better communicate with residents about ways to use nearly $500,000.

"The more we can have people working on the ground level within the neighborhoods teaching people how to mobilize and work together and really stretch that money as far as we can stretch it."

Olson said this year's CBG allocation is less than in previous years because of federal cuts.

Most recently the federal grant money was used to help purchase land for the new Cache County food pantry.

"Really, between housing and infrastructure and the non-profits there is a lot of diversity and an array of things we can do with the CBG dollars," Olson said.

Public comment will be taken at the start of each meeting beginning Wednesday night at Bridger Elementary. This month's topics include discussions about proposed amendments to single-family residential zoning, and neighborhood and block improvements.

neighborhood meetings are scheduled to take place at several elementary schools including Adams, Wilson, Hillcrest, Woodruff, and Ellis.

Olson encourages residents to attend meetings in their own neighborhood to discuss specific issues important there, but said residents are welcome to attend any or all of the six neighborhood meetings in Logan this month.


Each meeting is scheduled to go no longer than 8 p.m. and is held at the elementary school.

  • Bridger: Wednesday Jan. 9 7 p.m.   Contact:  James Liddle, 435-753-2198
  • Adams: Tuesday Jan. 15 at 7 p.m.   Contact: Marilyn Griffin 435-753-1783
  • Wilson: Wednesday  Jan. 16 7 p.m.    Contact: Richard Steele 435-764-7780
  • Hillcrest:  Wednesday Jan. 23 7 p.m.    Contact: Benjamin George 435-512-7847
  • Woodruff:  Tuesday Jan. 29, 7 p.m.   Contact: Michelle King 435-753-4790
  • Ellis:  Wednesday Jan. 30 7 p.m.    Contact: Beth Saul 435-752-7260