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Community Group Concerned About Ogden City Police Department's Conduct

Ogden City Police Department
"These police were, it seems to me, like they're doing whatever they want without any ramifications, there are no checks and balances to what's taking place," said Darcy Van Orden the Campaign for Liberty community organizer.

Hers was just one of many voices calling  for change within the Ogden Police Department Tuesday night.

"I think the police chief should resign and I think there should be a full independant investigation of their current policy and their training," Van Orden said.

She says her concern comes from miss-steps made by officers in the department resulting in the death of pets, wrongful home intrusion, and public fear of the officers.  But she says it’s their attitude toward their cases that has her most concerned.

"They almost have this, 'Shoot first, ask questions later' kind of cavalier attitude," she said

The group of citizens have also called for the end of no-knock warrants employed at night, saying their use is dangerous for residents and police alike.
Mayor Mike Caldwell said the City takes these accusations very seriously and promised a review of police department procedures.
The city council has not yet taken any action.

Brianna’s passion for journalism comes from a love of learning and a desire to know everything.  She studies Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at Utah State University and hopes one day to travel the world reporting hard news. She also works as the Aggie Radio news director and a reporter for USU TV.