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Art Center in Provo Invites Artists and Crowds

Covey Center, utah county, dance

At the Covey Center for the Arts in Downtown Provo, three couples seem to float across the stage as they practice a ballroom dance routine. The couples are preparing for a performance with reality TV star Mark Ballas from “Dancing with the Stars”.  

It is one of many shows that come to the Covey Center to show off their talent.  

“We find that people love coming here, they love the energy and the crowds here.  The dance community here is so strong, that a lot of people come,” said Mindy Arnold, the Owner of the Vibe Dance Studio in Pleasant Grove.  She is preparing her dancers for the upcoming show with Mark Ballas.

But it’s not just audience members who love the Covey Center, and according to artists like Hope Jackson, who enjoys performing at one of Utah County’s art venues.    

“I like performing here because it is so beautiful.  As a dancer the stage and the way the chairs are set up according to the stage, makes a big difference in how you perform. It’s fun and you get to connect with everybody.”

The 42,000 square-foot facility offers multiple areas to experiment in the arts, including two theaters, three dance studios and two art galleries.

“The Covey Center is the hub for arts in Provo. We like to think that anybody of any age, and any circumstance can come and enjoy the arts here at the Covey Center," said Stephanie Ducharme, marketing specialist for the center. “We have many events that are free to the public, so we encourage people to look into those events and come and join us.  We also want artists to know that we are here for them to exhibit their artwork and passion.”

Artists are flocking to Provo as new shows and concerts kick off the new year including the high-energy show  “Recycled Percussion,” the Utah Regional Ballet performing “Peter Pan” and the hit musical “You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown.”

For a full listing of the performances offered and other information, visit the Covey Center website.