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Canadian Elder Joins Idle No More Round Dance at Capitol Rotunda to Fight Utah Tar Sands

Wednesday people gathered for a flash mob round dance in the Utah capitol rotunda to support the idle no more movement and protest development of tar sands in Utah.

The round dance was in special honor of Canadian First Nations leader and former chief, Elder Francois Paulette, who has been defending his people’s land in Canada against tar sands for decades, and is a main leader of the Idle No More movement.

Kate Finneran, with Before it Starts, a Moab based organization, tells us a little bit about the round dance taking place.

After the round dance, Elder Francois Paulette will be in the Salt Lake City Main Library Conference Room B to view and discuss the film “Tipping Point,” which features his peoples’ struggle against environmental poisons and destruction due to Canadian tar sands.

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