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Logan Film Festival Building Utah's Presence in the Movie World

Logan Film Festival

For organizer Tyler Woodbury, the Logan film festival does more than just provide a screen for viewing movies.

“The atmosphere in Logan is disjointed right now. So, one of the purposes of the festival is to bring it together, and bring the people together.”

The Utah Film Commission is known for promoting Utah in the movie world, but generally focuses on the Southern end of the state.

Gabe Saxton, from the Logan Downtown Alliance and the man in charge of the festival, says this publicity problem hinges on airport access.

“We’re out of the radar on traveling from the international airport…We haven’t done our job of helping them understand it’s not that much further to go for some great filming locations.”

Woodbury says the festival is also good publicity for local talent.

“It gives Utah filmmakers, as well as global filmmakers another venue to show their work.”

With more than 40 films, the festival encompasses a variety of subjects from history to social justice.  As a result, not only has the festival grown from two days to three, but with increasing submissions, Saxton says the reputation is growing as well.

“[Filmmakers] look at the winning submissions and they see the quality. Then, they start realizing this is a viable festival because they’re getting these great films submissions that are winning. So, it kind of gives credibility to the Festival.”

Madison Pope, another organizer, said, with so much progress, she has high hopes for the future of the Festival.

“It just started two years ago, and already it’s been a positive experience. We just hope to continue to build on that.”

Brianna’s passion for journalism comes from a love of learning and a desire to know everything.  She studies Broadcast Journalism and Political Science at Utah State University and hopes one day to travel the world reporting hard news. She also works as the Aggie Radio news director and a reporter for USU TV.