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Ute tribe boycotts Roosevelt businesses

Ute tribal leaders from the Uintah and Ouray Reservation in Eastern Utah have called for a boycott of some Roosevelt businesses. The boycott stems from what tribe members are calling civil rights violations and discrimination, as well as the continuing fight over who has jurisdiction to enforce the law in the region.

The plan to boycott all businesses that are not owned or partnered with the tribe was announced last week through a Colorado law firm. The boycott will not include oil and gas operators or contractors in the town, many of which conduct drilling on tribal lands.

In the statement, the Ute tribe said they hoped the boycott would bring attention to their concerns about unlawful law enforcement practices in the city. However, Roosevelt officials called the boycott unfair, unreasonable and unlikely to get the results the tribe is hoping for.

Members of the Ute Business Committee urged all tribal Members and individuals who work with the tribe to participate in the boycott.

Roosevelt officials say they do not have any knowledge of misconduct.