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American Cancer Society seeks long-term study participants

Cancer Prevention Study-3
American Cancer Society

A national, long-term study researching the causes of cancer is looking for volunteers from Utah. The American Cancer Society will be following 300,000 participants from around the nation for the Cancer Prevention Study-3.

The American Cancer Society has conducted two previous studies over the past 60 years. The first determined the link between smoking and cancer and the second found a link between cancer and being overweight or obese.

Lex Olsen from the American Cancer Society said the latest study hopes to determine the causes of every type of cancer and how they can be prevented.

“This study will look at their lifestyle, their behavior, their environment, their genetic makeup. We’re hoping that by doing this study among 300,000 people that we’ll really be able to lock-in why and where cancer comes from and how we can prevent it,” Olsen said.

Interested individuals can schedule an introductory appointment through the American Cancer Society.

“The criterion to participate is an individual must be between the ages of 30 to 65, never having had cancer,” Olsen said.

Only the initial screening, which includes a blood sample and waist measurement, is in-person. The rest of the study is planned to last 20 years and will be conducted via email surveys.

The American Cancer Society is hoping to track 2,000 Utahns. So far, 500 are registered.

For information on participating in the study, visit: