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Utah stores part of national string of bomb threats

Utah businesses including Walmarts in Logan and Ogden as well as a Walgreens and Rite Aid in Provo appear to be part of a national string of bomb threats.

Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen said the south Logan Walmart received a call around 12:45 this afternoon.

“It was a male voice that called the store and requested that the store pre-load some gift cards…then provide the gift card numeric information to the caller in trade for not detonating a bomb,” Jensen said.

Stores across Utah were evacuated immediately after receiving threats and bomb squads were brought in to investigate.

Though the calls appear to have been part of a scam, police across the state used great precaution when responding to today’s threats.

“Even though you have an inclination that it may not be legitimate, you still have to take the precaution and do our due diligence to make sure that things are safe,” Jensen said.

The FBI is currently working with Utah police as it looks into similar bomb threats made across the nation.