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University Of Utah, USU Address Issues In Response To Summer Audit

In July of 2013, the state released an audit showing the University of Utah Red Zone stores were competing with private sector businesses. Two Utah universities respond to the audit from July stating they were in competition with local businesses.

The Board of Regents policythe groups were in violation of, states institutions cannot provide services to those who are not members of the campus community, except in specific circumstances.

The Utah Red Zone stores will be closing as the leases on the buildings run out. Other university groups were also mentioned in the audit.

The audit says, "While not as great a concern as the off-campus Red Zone stores, the on-campus enterprises also are required to avoid directly marketing or providing extensive services to the general public."

USU's University Inn and the University Conference Center were listed as appearing to violate the Board of Regents policy, a claim the university says has been addressed.

“Utah State University has addressed the issues mentioned in the audit and has provided additional training to ensure that we are in compliance with Regents policy R555,” said Tim Vitale, USU’s executive director of public relations and marketing.

Last week the Board of Regents adopted revisions to the policy, including widening the definition of the campus community to include prospective students and alumni, and requiring universities to get their policies in line with the Regent policy.