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Tax-Filing Season Begins Friday

W-2 tax form
Internal Revenue Service

Tax-filing season is here again and is scheduled to run from Jan. 31 to April 15. However, tax payers can file for more time if needed.

"If an individual needs additional time to file, they can request it by filing a form 4868 on or before midnight Tuesday April 15, and receive an additional six months of time to submit the return, not pay the tax," said Bill Brunson, Internal Revenue Service spokesman.

Friday is also the due date for employees to receive W-2 forms -- wage and tax statements -- and 1099 forms for interest on bank accounts and dividends from mutual funds.

"If you haven't received your W-2s or 1099s in the mail, then ask the issuer or the person who's going to be sending it to you to make that item available," said Brunson.

Brunson said that if filers have not received their W-2 by mid-February, they can contact the IRS to get the paperwork.

Due to the government closure in October, the IRS changed the original opening date from Jan. 21 to Jan. 31, one day later than the 2013 tax filing opening date.