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No Injuries After Chemical Spill At Logan Facility

Brian Champagne

There were no reported injuries after a chemical spill at Schreiber Foods at 885 N. 600 West in Logan on Monday morning.

The Logan Fire Department received a 911 call around 8:30 a.m. Crews arrived at the scene and assisted Schreiber’s on-site hazmat team in cleaning up the spill.

Logan City Fire Marshall Craig Humphreys said the Logan Fire Department played a support role in the cleanup.

"They're very capable at handling the things within their facility," Humphreys said. "They deal with these chemicals every single day. They know them much better than we know them, and it's in our best interest and works very well for us to have a good working relationship with them and their facility."

About 200 Schreiber employees were evacuated from the building. According to the Logan Fire Department, an employee was transferring a cleaning chemical from one container to another when pressure caused the container to burst.

The chemical is used to clean and sanitize equipment and contained hydrogen peroxide, a basic compound that can be corrosive.

The fire department said there was no danger to residents or the surrounding community.

Employees were allowed back into the building after 45 minutes and were back to work in two hours.

-Eric Jungblut is a senior majoring in broadcast journalism at Utah State University.