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Cedar City Library Honors Native Tribe

petroglyphs on red rock
National Park Service

To honor the native Paiute people, Cedar City public library dedicated Petra Cliffs outside the entrance to pay tribute to their history, language and culture. 

Visitors to Cedar City's public library will notice the beautiful and historic petroglyphs that adorn the front of the building. Large boulders etched with images paying tribute to the Southern Paiute people were recreated under the Paiute history and language committee, and then dedicated to the library, tying southern Utah’s rich native history to Cedar City's present.

Mayor Maile Wilson said the monument is perfect for his city.

"I cannot think of a better place for this monument to be located than here in front of our Cedar City library. Former First Lady, Laura Bush, stated, 'libraries allow children to ask questions about the world and to find the answers. And the wonderful thing is that once a child learns how to use a library, the doors of learning are always open.' In my mind this quote doesn't just belong to children, but to all individuals. We can never stop learning and we can never stop seeking answers,” he said.

“The beautiful monument will allow the learning to continue. It will act as an addition tool to teach those that are here today and those that will come in the future, to remember the thousands of Paiute people that have and are currently residing in our community in their rich heritage that they bring."

The massive rocks came from Rush Lake, in cooperation with the Bureau of Land Management. They stand as a permanent monument to the thousands of Southern Paiute’s who have called, and currently call, the area home.