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Public Advisory to Help Keep Mosquito Populations Low

Logan City

With warm weather settling for the summer, mosquitos are back and experts are advising homeowners to keep their yards from becoming breeding grounds. The Logan City Environmental Department has already begun spraying the city streets to clear them of larvae.

In addition to spraying, the department is asking residents to keep their property clear of standing water, which Emily Malik describes as mosquito “prime breeding grounds.”

“It’s not necessarily about clearing it out, but about making sure there’s not standing water in their yards. So if you do have things like bird baths, tires and things like that, then we would just ask that you would trade the water out of them on a regular basis so that you don’t have mosquito larvae growing in your standing water.”

Aside from itch and irritation, mosquito bites can be dangerous. While most recipients of the West Nile Virus do not contract symptoms, seven Utah cases of the disease were reported to the Centers for Disease Control last year.

“Our concerns with the mosquito populations is that we do try to keep West Nile Virus out of our community. But this is mostly so that we can minimize the amount of spraying that we do and asking residents to make sure there’s not standing water in their yards.”

Just a reminder to keep your yards clean and safe, especially after the recent rains.