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Search And Rescues In Logan Canyon Double This Summer

The number of rescues performed in Logan Canyon have doubled this season from previous summers.
Officials say inexperienced and unprepared hikers hitting the trails with a little too much confidence could be behind the spike.

Lt.  Doyle Peck from the Cache County Sheriff’s Office says the search and rescue team, made of volunteers, has been called weekly. He said while they’re not entirely sure why there has been a dramatic surge in rescues, they want to raise safety awareness, particularly on social media.

“Hopefully what we can do then is take the knowledge and experience that already exists in our search and rescue unit, and then find new ways of getting it out there to the public so we can help people understand how to go to the mountains, how to enjoy the mountains, but how to be safe doing it,” he said.

Most rescued hikers are ill-prepared and underestimate the canyon’s difficulty and the weather, Peck said.  Many hikers bring cell phones, which provides a false sense of security.

”We’ve had some other issues happening in the state with search and rescue and a lot of times it’s just like, you just want to tell people, ‘it’s not the same up in the mountains as it is down here and you got to be ready for it.’”

The Forest Service provides an online guide for hikers in the area, outlining the many miles of trails and how to prepare before leaving.

Public Affairs Specialist Kathy Jo Pollock said outdoor enthusiasts should check the weather before departure, bring warm clothes, first aid kits, flashlights, food, and plenty of water for drinking and putting out fires.