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Young Moose Ventures Through Logan Neighborhood


The Division of Wildlife Resources went on a wild moose chase Monday morning, in a similar incident to last week's cougar chase in Sandy.

The moose was reported to the DWR early Monday morning when spotted roaming neighborhood streets in Logan. However, the young and not-so- little beast jumped several fences before officials were able to chase it down. 

Police, sheriff’s deputies and wildlife officials pursued the roughly 900-pound animal for more than an hour before finally shooting a tranquilizer dart near 100 East and 670 north.

Wildlife lovers say they hope the young male does not meet the same fate as the mountain lion who was spotted Friday in a Sandy parking lot.

The feline died after officials used the tranquilizer and although they expect previous health conditions contributed, media reports that an investigation is under way.

However, this adventurous moose had already been caught in Perry, tagged, and relocated by wildlife officials just last week. The Logan incident was just one in the many surrounding rural communities in Utah.