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Meteors Illuminate Monday Night's Dark Skies

If you’re on the hunt for entertainment or a romantic evening Monday night look no further than our own Utah night sky. The Orionid meteor shower is due to arrive late into the night through the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Meteors are space debris that upon entering our earth’s atmosphere begin to incinerate as they plummet, and often leave brilliant trails. In the case of the Orionid shower, the meteors are remnant debris of Halley’s Comet, which last visited our solar system in 1986.

The meteors in the Orionid shower move rapidly and are traditionally very faint, but with a thin crescent moon showing currently, the darker night sky should make for a hospitable environment to watch the show.

It is estimated that the shower will peak in the few hours before daylight, where you can expect to see about 25 meteors per hour.