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Poisoning Likely Cause Of Springville Family's Death

A Springville family that was found dead in their home last month may very well have died from poisoning, according to newly released evidence. Relatives of the Strack family said in a statement they had suspicions that poisoning was the cause of death.

Search warrants from the police department showed that cups filled with a red liquid were found next to the bodies. The report also states that some of the bodies appeared to have been moved after death. At least 10 packages of cold medicine and bottles of methadone were discovered in trash bins at the home. Marijuana and sleeping pills were also discovered in the house.

The five bodies were found by the mother of wife Kristi Strack on September 27. She had received a call from the oldest son and his girlfriend who found the door to the bedroom locked when they returned home that evening.  

All of the deceased family members were found inside the parent’s bedroom.