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Suspects Arrested In Cedar City Murder

Cedar City investigators have made two additional arrests in a week-old murder case.

Several eye witnesses positively identified Angelo Seth Carrasco as the man that shot and killed 45-year-old Shawn Multine on the night of October 21.

After further investigation, police have also arrested 18-year-old Clarissa Bulletts and 29-year-old Eric Rodriguez for their alleged roles in the murder.

Both are accused of conspiring with Carrasco in trying to locate and lure the victim out of the home so that Carrasco could shoot him. Rodriguez also allegedly helped dispose of the murder weapon, and both are accused of assisting Carrasco in fleeing the crime scene.

Police also assert that both have given testimony which has hindered and delayed the investigation.

Bulletts was booked on charges of murder and obstruction of justice. Rodriguez was booked on charges of murder, obstruction of justice and aggravated burglary.