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Arrest Prompts USU Football Player's Suspension

Utah State University football player Hayden Weichers was indefinitely suspended from the university’s football team on Tuesday, the same day he was arrested and issued a citation for trying to solicit a prostitute.  

According to Logan Police Chief Gary Jensen, the 20-year-old redshirt freshman wide receiver tried to solicit a prostitute from Ogden in Logan on Oct. 22. Contrary to the speculation of football fans, Jensen said the delivery of the citation was postponed due to an ongoing investigation, not to allow Weichers to continue playing for USU.

“People are funny to draw their own conclusions. For instance, I saw that the expectation is that we wanted him to be able to play in two games. Quite frankly I have no idea what games he plays and what he doesn’t, so it certainly has nothing to do with that,” Jensen said. “It’s just that we as police have to take the appropriate steps to prove the elements of the crime.”

Solicitation of a prostitute is a class B misdemeanor in Utah. Jensen said Weichers has the right to take the case to court, if he so chooses. He says Weichers most likely won’t end up in jail.

“My expectation based on other cases similar to this is that he will receive some sort of fine associated with the crime,” Jensen said.

The Media Relations contact from the USU Athletic Department declined to comment on the citation or suspension.

Weichers most recently played, and set career highs, at a game in Hawaii on Saturday where the Aggies won 35-14. The 6 ft. tall, 170 pound player comes from a family of athletes. His father, Greg Weichers, and three uncles played football at Brigham Young University. Hayden was originally committed to BYU as well, but instead signed to USU on signing day.