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Election Night Party Of One For Cache Dems

Democratic Party of Utah

The gathering of the Cache County Democrats was a party of one on election night. Jennifer Pemberton talked to Utah House District 5 candidate Jeff Turley shortly after the votes were tallied.

PEMBERTON: I knew the gathering at the Cache County Democratic Party headquarters would be small, but I didn’t expect it to be totally dark. My first thought was that the offices must have moved, but I reached out to party leaders and quickly learned that there was a party but it was in Summit County. Many of Democrats in Cache County were with 1st Congressional District candidate Donna McAleer in Park City.

But there was more than one Democrat on the ballot in Cache County:

TURLEY: My name is Jeff Turley, I’m a Democrat running for Utah House District 5 against incumbent Mr. Curt Webb.

PEMBERTON: I talked to Turley shortly after the results were in. He was riding out election night at home.

TURLEY: I got 20.8%...I was hoping for more but I’m glad I didn’t get 15% that’s what Al Snyder got last time…I was hoping I got better and I did.

PEMBERTON: Besides wanting to win, Turley wanted to change some minds. A goal he still has.

TURLEY: ... To get people in this valley to realize that Democrats are good people. Good decent people who treat people with dignity and compassion. We’re not evil.

PEMBERTON: When asked if he was disappointed that the Cache Democrats took the party to Park City, he expressed complete support for McAleer’s campaign and was just fine spending the evening at home.

TURLEY: I enjoy spending time with my daughter. She’s the most important person in my life. I couldn’t think of a better way to spend this evening with her than with other people.

PEMBERTON: Turley’s back at work today at Utah State University. He’s not 100% sure he’ll run for office again, but he was feeling optimistic about the possibility a few minutes after losing this election.

TURLEY: I don’t want to waste this experience and the things that I’ve learned and just throw it away.