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Thanksgiving Fundraiser Goes Vegan To Support Rescue Animals

Ching Farm Animal Rescue.
Apollo and Lincoln are two of the turkeys that call the Ching Farm home.

At the Ching Farm’s Thanksgiving dinner earlier this month there wasn’t any Turkey on the menu. Instead, the goal of the 16th annual Vegan Thanksgiving dinner was to help turkeys and other animals that call the Riverton-based animal sanctuary home. The Ching animal sanctuary provides a place to live for farm animals that were destined for slaughter. It holds a fundraising Thanksgiving feast each year to keep the farm going.

Rescue Executive Director and farm founder Faith Ching said various community groups provide food for the dinner, which is attended by 300 people each year.

“We have the traditional everything," Ching said. "From the cranberry sauce to the mashed potatoes and all of that…it’s just vegan. Everything tastes the same, it’s just that we don’t have to hurt any animals to do it."

The Ching Farm is home to more than turkeys. Each week 35 volunteers care for the sheep, goats, cows, horses and chickens that call the sanctuary home.

“We rescue them, we give them a safe haven for their entire lives and then we educate the public,” Ching said. “They get to come on tours, and just by being here they’re like little ambassadors for farmed animals that can’t be saved.”

Ching said the sanctuary spends about $4,500 a month of feed and bedding for the 180 animals. Those needs only increase during the cold winter months, according to Ching. The Thanksgiving dinner is the sanctuary’s largest fundraiser.

“This is specifically for their food and whatever we need to get through the winter, and... it just helps immensely. I can’t even tell you; it’s amazing,” Ching said. “My heart just fills with love for these people who care about these animals.”

Click here to learn more about the Ching Farm Rescue and Sanctuary.