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Experts Say To Sign Up For ACA Before It Closes In February

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People in Utah and across the U.S. are being encouraged to make a New Year's resolution to get health insurance, now available as part of the Affordable Care Act. Jason Stevenson with Take Care Utah, a group that helps guide people through the enrollment process, said those who want health coverage for this year need to sign up before the Open Enrollment period ends on Feb. 15. He said that most Utahns are eligible for a premium subsidy.

"Eighty-nine percent of the Utahns who signed up for the ACA insurance during this first month of Open Enrollment," Stevenson said. "Qualified for a premium subsidy. And that could include actually, help making their deductibles more affordable, too."

The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services reported that nearly 50-thousand Utahns selected plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace during the first month of Open Enrollment, which started Nov. 15. Stevenson said half re-enrolled in a Marketplace plan, while the other 50 percent signed up for the first time.

On the national level, Vice President Joe Biden is also among those who called on Americans to get health insurance in the New Year. Filling in for President Obama in this week's Weekly Address, Biden said the Affordable Care Act is providing "peace of mind" for millions of Americans.

"That someone you love will be covered if, God forbid, something happens." Biden said. "It provides security, so if you have a bad strain in your ankle or your back, or you don't have the money to get treatment, you can now get the treatment, rather than wait, put it off and end up with a chronic condition."

Health and Human Services report that through late December,  six-and-a-half million people selected a plan or were automatically re-enrolled.