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Treat Yourself To A Monthly, Bite-sized Morsel Of Poetry

A photograph showing someone with a coffee, notebook, and assorted pastries.
Utah Arts and Museums is bringing back its monthly Bite-Size Poetry project. You can check out more past bite-size poetry on their YouTube channel.

In an attempt to infuse a little poetry into everyday life, the Utah Arts and Museums Literary Arts organization is re-launching their Bite-Size Poetry project. Each month the organization will release a short YouTube video featuring a distinguished Utah poet reciting about 60 seconds of original work.

Star Coulbrooke was February’s featured bite-size poet, reading “Sky’s the Limit.”

“Sky’s the limit. Take the mountain range, times it by 20, and you have the size of clouds. Frothy white, whipped with gray, swirling, breaking off, re-forming new shapes…”

Coulbrooke is the director of the Writing Center at Utah State University and the coordinator for Helicon West, an open readings and featured writer series. She said that it’s important for everybody to be able to express themselves in whatever way they can. She loves poetry in particular because it provides a nice, condensed and beautiful method of expression.

“Just a short bite of poetry really can snag people, it’s like ‘poem-in-your-pocket,’ something that anyone can have, anybody can watch, anybody can share,” Coulbrooke said.

You can stay up-to-date on each month’s bite-size reading by visiting the Utah Arts and Museums YouTube channel.