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Utah Novelist Says Lost Manuscript Was ‘Meant To Be’

The cover of the book: a picture of a cameo necklace on a black background with the title "Token Woman." Subtitle "knowledge gifts understanding which gifts unconditional love."
Bonnie Glee

Bonnie Glee’s latest novel “Token Woman” takes place in the 1980s amid the escalating AIDS epidemic. The story is about a suppressed and unhappy housewife who develops an unlikely friendship with three gay men.  Dealing with such themes as open-mindedness and unconditional love, Glee said the subject is timely and reflective of current events.

She largely finished the manuscript several years ago, but somehow it was misplaced and lost for several years. Today she believes this may have been providential.

“I think that perhaps the manuscript was meant to be lost so that it could come out now and that people could hopefully read my story and gain a better understanding of what is still going on today with the LGBT community,” Glee said. “So we can all come together.”

Glee said her greatest delight as a writer is inspiring others to read and write themselves. She particularly looks forward to book signings where she can share her joy with others.

“I do have a couple more novels that are in the works,” Glee said. “I’m just waiting on my husband, who is going to retire, and we’ll both be fully retired. So while he’s at the mountains fishing, I’ll be at the mountains sitting on a little stump writing all my next novels.”

She will be available to chat and sign her books on the afternoon of April 11 at Hastings in Logan. For more details about her book signing tour stops at a location near you, please visit Glee's blog.