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Fired Police Chief Refuses To Testify, Prosecution Of Cases Unlikely


Kevin Worlton was recently fired as chief of police of Escalante City, and has been charged by the Utah State Attorney General’s Office with two felony and one misdemeanor counts of falsifying police reports.

Worlton was also served with a subpoena to appear as a prosecution witness in 10 pending felony drug cases in which he was the arresting officer. Worlton has filed an objection to the subpoena citing his rights and privileges against self-incrimination. The Situation leaves the prosecution of the cases virtually impossible.

Cheryl Church is a spokesperson for Garfield County Attorney Barry Huntington.

“Garfield County Attorney Barry Huntington was contacted and stated, ‘If Mr. Worlton who was the lead officer in these cases refuses to testify, I have no choice but to dismiss them,” Church said.

Nonetheless, if compelled to testify, Worlton indicates through his attorney that he will invoke his Fifth Amendment rights.