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Arts Festival 'Brings Peace, Hope To An Uncertain World'

The ninth annual Little Bloomsbury Art Festival is being held in a historic home in Logan, offering an up-close-and-personal environment for performers and listeners alike.

Thomas Lundquist, pianist, guitarist and singer-songwriter for his band Migration Orders, said his music aligns perfectly with the festival’s theme of "promoting peace and hope in an uncertain world."

“To me, it means everything to be a part of it and present my music because that is what I am trying to do too; give a light and show a positive force and help others to feel that,” Lundquist said.

Steven Viator is a practicing magician who said he is a late bloomer as far as magicians go. He said he got into the art of magic six years ago after his son received a magic kit for his birthday. His son was too young to appreciate it on his own, so he read the manual and taught it to his son.

“But I got hooked! [laughs] I loved it so much. I loved performing, being in front of people. But more importantly, I loved taking the impossible and turning it possible. I think that’s what got me hooked on magic and I’ve done it since,” Viator said.

He said this is a theme he likes to leave with attendees; when your dreams appear impossible, break it down, work at it and you can make it possible.

The festival, featuring a visual art competition, dancers, magic shows, music and more will go on through this weekend.  For more details about the festival, visit the Little Bloomsbury Foundation website.