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The Better Business Bureau Of Utah Cautions Utahns About Charity

World Concern
The Better Business Bureau of Utah warns people to do their research before making donations to help Nepal.

Caution is the message from the Better Business Bureau of Utah. Especially when donating money to any organization claiming to be helping the earthquake victims in Nepal. President Jane Driggs said major disasters, such as the Nepal quake that has killed and injured thousands, tend to almost instantly bring out scam artists who are more than willing to collect donations under the false promise of helping those most in need.

"Unfortunately," Driggs said. "When any disaster happens, the scammers start thinking about how they can get a part of the money that should go to the victims."

Driggs recommended  researching all charities on the Better Business Bureau's website ',' which ranks organizations on twenty standards of charitable accountability. She says '' is another trusted site that lists and ranks nonprofit organizations.

She said the American Red Cross, the Salvation Army, and World Vision are among more than 30 organizations approved by '' that are collecting donations for Nepal earthquake victims. If you're donating money to a charity that is not on ',' she adds it's best to deal with that group directly rather than through a fund-raiser.

"So – reach out and find out about the organizations," Driggs said. "Do a little research, and make a difference."

She said another big downside to charity fraud is that it can stop otherwise generous individuals from donating to worthy causes in the future.