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The Doobie Brothers To Deliver Greatest Hits, Lesser-Known Gems

After more than four decades, The Doobie Brothers are still going strong. The group is on tour this summer and Utah fans will have the opportunity to hear them live later this month.

The Grammy award-winning, multi platinum-selling, rock 'n' roll band, The Doobie Brothers, will be stopping in Utah on June 10 at the Sandy City Amphitheatre.

Tom Johnston  is the lead vocalist, guitarist, songwriter, and one of the band’s original founders.

“One thing about this band is we are basically an American band in that we play music from a lot of genres from the very front until now," Johnston said. "That is: rock 'n' roll, of course, R&B, blues, bluegrass, a little country. You throw that all into the hopper and that’s The Doobie Brothers.”

He said that in addition to the songs fans all know and love, concertgoers will also hear acoustic pieces from their first album that have never been performed live. 

“You hear before and after, from various people in the crowd you might run into, [and they say] ‘I listened to you through this section of my life’ or ‘this album did this for me’ or ‘this song, it’s like you wrote it for me’ or something," Johnston said.  "It’s great to know that you’ve resonated with people that way. That’s also very gratifying.”

For more information about their newest album “Southbound” and their upcoming concerts, visit the band's website.