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Downpour Causes Flooding And Damage To Enoch

Enoch City
Weather causes flooding and damage to southern Utah town.

A heavy Wednesday night downpour caused flooding and the closure and damage to a major street in the town of Enoch, which lies north of Cedar City.

Runoff from the thunderstorm drained off of the foothills east of I-15 and emerged from culverts beneath the interstate, causing the closure of and damage to old Highway 91-the frontage road west of the freeway.  Mike berg of Enoch city.

“They were completely full, highway 91 had one to two feet of water,” said Enoch City resident Mike Berg.

Despite the flooding and damage to the roadway, storm drains put in place after flooding in 2012 seem to have done their jobs. 

“At this point nothing has been reported to dispatch as far as any homes being flooded,” said Mike Berg.