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Southern Utah Festival Season Underway

Cedar City

As the Utah Summer Games wraps up in the next week, other iconic summer festivals are just around the corner in Cedar City.

The Utah Shakespeare Festival opens its 54th season on Thursday with eight works running through October.  The 13th edition of Groovefest, Cedar City’s Music and Arts Festival is already underway, and the Neil Simon Festival opens July eighth.

Josh Stavros of the Utah Shakespeare Festival says USF is happy it’s no longer the only show in town.

"You know Cedar City, the festival city, whether we're talking about Groovefest, whether we're talking about the Summer Games, or two what you might see as two competing theater companies," Stavros said. "We don't see it that way, we have two different spaces. We run very different, especially locally, and it's a great opportunity for lots of artists to get work."

Groovefest runs through the weekend, the Neil Simon festival offers four plays through August 8.