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Bicycle Group Rides For Affordable Housing In St. George This Week

Christopher Campbell
A group of people riding bicycles across the country will arrive in St. George on Wednesday.

A group of cross-country bicyclists are stopping by St. George this week to do some service work.

Bike and Build is a non-profit organization that sends young adults to ride bicycles across the country and do service projects along the way.

One group will arrive on Wednesday after having ridden more than 3,000 miles from Jacksonville, Florida.

Their goal is to raise funds towards projects that promote affordable housing and awareness about the issue.

“Sometimes even police officers because of the pay that they get, they can’t even afford homes because the housing is so expensive,” said Lil Barron, director of development and community relations for Southwest Utah’s Habitat for Humanity. “And so they’re just riding across the country to spread that we need more affordable housing in the United States.”

Habitat for Humanity will host the bicycle group in a service project on Thursday where the volunteers will help a veteran build a fence.

Barron said that day, the bicyclists will have lunch at the Habitat for Humanity’s re-store, where members of the community can come meet them.

“They are amazing, amazing kids, and we want more than just us to know that,” Barron said. “We want the community to see what amazing kids they are.”

On Thursday night, there will be a potluck dinner at the Good Shepherd Presbyterian Church where the bicyclists will talk to the community about their trip and their message about affordable housing.

The group will end their trip in Monterey, California. A link detailing their schedule can be found here.