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Salt Lake City’s Driving Safety Ranked Low Compared To Rest Of The Nation

Salt Lake City

Allstate Insurance recently ranked 200 of the nation’s largest cities, including Salt Lake City, which came in as the 74th safest city. According to Allstate, Salt Lake drivers will likely experience a car wreck once every 9 years, which is 10 percent more often than the national average.

Residents of Logan gave their opinion on the ranking.

“I don’t like bigger cities—there’s a lot more traffic,” said Kory Pence. “I’m from a small town so I don’t like driving in big cities.”

“Actually, I don’t have any issues driving in Salt Lake City,” said Cedric Winchester.

“I feel like it is a safe place to drive because it has a lot of lanes and the carpool lane. I think that helps make it safe too,” said Kylee Geisler.

“I still think Utah has a long way to go,” said Jordan Goodsell. “I do feel that they may have been ranked safe, but not the safest.”

Ryan Larson, owner of Allstate agencies in Orem and Spanish Fork, said there are a lot of improvements Utah drivers can make to be safer on the road.

“The best thing that drivers can do is improve their breaking habits,” Larson said. “That’s probably the one single take away from this report. You’ve got to leave more room between you and the other vehicle.”

Larson also said distracted driving is one of the main causes for collisions on Utah roads.

“Common driving distractions include eating, grooming, talking on cell phones, texting, interacting with other passengers, adjusting navigation devices, or just simply playing music too loud,” Larson said.

Kansas City, Kansas ranked as the number one safest driving city and Boston, Massachusetts ranked as the least safe according to Allstate.