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Specially Engineered Cycle Presented to Non-Profit Outdoor Group


Christmas came early this year for participants of a non-profit outdoor adventures organization that provides persons with disabilities with adaptive equipment. 

On Tuesday, Utah State University College of Engineering students and representatives of a northern Utah health and fitness company, ICON, presented the custom built bicycle to Common Ground, the outdoor adventure group.

They call it Tandemonium. It was designed by a team of USU undergraduate students who are studying mechanical and aerospace engineering.

"The accessibility for the handicapped, the passenger pedal is adjustable so you can bring it up so you can pedal with your hands or lay it down to pedal with your feet."

David Roble, who helped design and build the bike, says that safety and accessibility was a main concern.

"The safety thing, pinching fingers and things like that, we put chain guards in place."

The team wanted Tandemonium to be easily accessible for all body types. It needed to be strong enough to ensure durability, but lightweight enough to transport. It can be used by all of the more than 2,400 Common Ground clients who participate annually in the outdoor adventure program.