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Kokanee (Sockeye) Salmon Introduced to Jordanelle Reservoir


  The Utah Division of Wildlife Resources added Kokanee Salmon to Jordanelle Reservoir Monday. 

For the first time in Utah history, Kokanee Salmon will be part of the fish species at Jordanelle Reservoir.

“We are trying to attract anglers. We are trying to see what would fit best with Jordanelle Reservoir, and the conditions we have there. It’s really a deep reservoir, and the species we have currently, Small-Mouth Bass, Rainbow Trout, Brown Trout, don’t utilize that deeper water as much as the Kokanee would.”

Mike Slater of the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources says the group that helped the DWR bring Kokanee to the reservoir wanted to attract local tourists and anglers, which have dwindled in recent years. The Jordanelle Reservoir Working Group, is a group of local anglers and citizens.

In addition to that, Slater says people are going to be able to see a wildlife viewing opportunity.

“In the Fall, in three to four years when these Salmon mature, a bunch of red fish will be coming up and people will be able to view that and see that over in Rock Cliff arm of Jordanelle State Park.”

In the past 2 weeks the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources have released 35,000 salmon into Jordanelle Reservoir.

Full interview with Utah DWR's Mike Slater