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Have you ever had a Bad Air Day? How bad was it? What exactly does it feel like to live with air pollution?0000017c-7f7e-d4f8-a77d-fffffe0d0000Through our partnership with the Public Insight Network, we're encouraging Cache County residents to talk about their experiences with air pollution in the valley and we're giving you a space to ask questions about air pollution. Your stories and questions will help shape our coverage of this complicated and important topic.Having a Bad Air Day? Tell us about it.Read more about the project at the Public Insight Networks' blog.

American Lung Association releases "State of The Air" Report

The American Lung Association of Utah released their annual Air Quality report results, Wednesday. 

The results of the 17th annual “State of the Air” report, a national air quality grading system, showed that Utah’s air quality received poor ratings.

“Last year, we ranked number 7, as having the worst short-term particle pollution in the whole entire country, and this year we’re number 6.”

Jamie Riccobono, of the American Lung Association, says the “State of the Air” report helps individuals understand the dangers of air pollution.

“It’s an annual national air quality report card. It uses the most recent air pollution data and we collect that data from the E.P.A. on the two most wide-spread types of pollution: Ozone, which is also known as smog, and particle pollution, which most people call soot.”

Riccobono says Utah citizens can help the air pollution problem by not idling their cars or not using wood burning stoves.

“It’s getting involved, and it’s arming yourself with that knowledge so you, as a person can take action.”