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UDOT to Host Ogden Canyon Study Open House

The Utah Department of Transportation is holding a public meeting to discuss the future of Ogden Canyon. 

UDOT is studying the transportation needs for Ogden Canyon through a series of information and project idea meetings. The ideas gathered during the past two years are being used to help create new concepts for the heavily traveled area.

“So the Transportation Commission wanted us to gather and share information, and kind of develop an understanding of the safety and mobility needs of the canyon.”

Vic Saunders is with UDOT Region One. He says the state department won’t be implementing a full plan for the area because the majority of roadway there is owned by private owners or the Forest Service.

“The second study started in 2015 and it’s just wrapping up. (And) we’ve met with over 28 share-holder groups, canyon residents, environmentalists, recreationalists, government organizations, every kind of group you can imagine to determine what they felt was important.”

Not all of the project ideas will be incorporated in a plan, but Saunders says the public meetings are considered to be a tool in the process for what might happen.

“So, we got ideas like: piping the river in the narrows area in the lower part of the canyon. People said ‘Why don’t you build tunnels here, street-cars, and trolleys, gondolas, trains, toll-roads?’”

The April 28 meeting happens in Ogden at the ATK Conference Center and is open to the public. Representatives from three focus groups will be there to discuss roadway, environmental and active transportation and transit needs.

Full Interview with UDOT Region One's Vic Saunders