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Wildfire Season Off to Delayed Start


The National Interagency Fire Center has released the annual wildfire outlook for the spring and summer. The Utah Division of Forestry, Fire and State Lands refers to the Center to assess the wildfire potential in Utah.

 Jason Curry, the division's public information officer, says this year's recent rain means a delay in the fire season.

“It’s probably to be a delayed or later start to the greater fire season. I mean, we’re already getting some fires, but with the amount of snow pack there is, and the amount of participation that we’ve received on a regular basis and that we continue to expect, things are going to probably be getting started, as far as larger fires, sometime in June, probably as late as mid-June.”

Individuals can help prevent wildfires by removing dry brush from vulnerable areas, or by making sure campfires are put out after a camping trip, said Curry.

“It’s a safety thing. We want to keep our firefighters safe, and the fewer fires there are, we are able to do that. Now, one less spark means one less wildfire. So be aware of your surroundings - do your part to prevent wildfires. And now is a great time to prepare as well. Look at your property - look at your own home for the eventuality of wildfire.”

Curry says there were about ten thousand acres destroyed due to wildfires last year alone.