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A Utah School District Weighs In On Obama's Transgender Bathroom Law

Box Elder School District


Credit www.boxelder.k12.ut.us
Box Elder Superintendent Ron Tolman

Utah is one of 11 states that joined a lawsuit against the Obama Administration in response to a federal mandate that allows school kids to enter the bathroom they associate with based on their gender identity.


Box Elder School District’s superintendent, Ron Tolman, sent a letter to the parents of his students explaining how the schools in his district will continue to work with the parents whose children have unique requirements.


“We had concerns from parents and they  wanted to know what we wanted to do because we were very worried about it,” he said.

Click to hear the full interview with Ron Tolman.

The school district's plans to continue our practice as is presently constituted, Tolman said.  

“We do not plan to grant access to restrooms and locker rooms that are specifically designated by gender to anyone other than that actual gender,” he said. A policy he says was in place before this issue became politicized.  

Tolman said the district will work with every individual or student or parents who have unique requirements on a case-by-case basis and he said they will continue to treat each and every student with the respect and dignity they deserve.

“At no time do we intend to sacrifice the rights of the general general population of the students for political reasons,” he said.  

Many of Utah’s conservative leaders, including Governor Gary Herbert, have criticized the order as federal overreach.

LGBT advocates in Utah applauded Obama’s directive as potentially life-saving. They also said said it also sent a message to transgender students that they are accepted.