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Limited Number of Dog Parks in Logan Frustrates Canine Owners


The City of Logan has 29 registered parks and according to the Logan Parks and Recreation Department only two are accessible to dogs.

Russ Akina, director of the department, said the city has decided to take a slow approach to allowing all parks to be open to dogs.  He said there have been problems in the past when owners have been allowed to take dogs to public parks.   

“I don’t know your dog," he said. "Is your dog going to jump on my child (or) is it going to react in a way I’m not familiar with?"

Local dog owner, Bradley Robinson, is frustrated with Logan City because he is not allowed to bring his dog, Maya, to parks closest to his house. 

“We have a busy schedule, so it would be nice to just go to the local park," he said. "It’s frustrating Logan has regulations that make it hard to take her anywhere.”

Akina said the city would have to see an increase in pet owner responsibility before changing public park ordinances allowing dogs to access additional park property.

“The maintenance for city parks is not seeing dog owners being responsible," he said. "For us there is a concern in terms of if you do make all parks available or accessible. We want to reach a level of confidence that the park would be cared for and that the people would pick up after their pets in all situations.”

City officials are also concerned about public safety and the possibility of dog bites, frightened children and the threat of spreading fleas and ticks.