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Herbert Responds To Orlando Shooting

Utah Gov. Gary Herbert

Gov. Gary Herbert made a stop in Logan on Tuesday as part of his re-election campaign. The two-term Republican held an event at a local restaurant meet and speak with constituents on a variety of issues and had the chance to respond to the Sunday shooting at a night club in Orlando, Florida.

In the wake of the shooting, gun control advocates made appeals for stricter gun regulations. However, Herbert stated that the real task at hand was to address the social causes of gun violence.

“I can tell you what we should be doing is working on the root cause. That means bigotry, hatred, lack of understanding of the fact that we’re all brothers and sisters of humanity, and that we ought to treat each other with respect in spite our difference,” Herbert said. “That’s where we ought to work on because that’s going to solve the problem.”

He added that whatever weapon someone carries is less important that how they treat others.

“Whether I can carry a six magazine or sixteen magazine or an Uzi, probably not so much,” he said. “But if I treat you correctly and have mutual respect and understanding and love you as a fellow human being, it doesn’t matter whether I have a knife or a machine gun. I’m going to treat you appropriately. That’s the part we need to work on.”

On Wednesday, Herbert made campaign stops in Carbon, Emery, Sanpete, and Sevier Counties.