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Neighbor, Construction Workers Keep Firework Flames From Cedar City Homes


Quick response by a good neighbor, and a near-by construction crew kept a brush fire away from homes on the south end of cedar City Wednesday.  It is yet another lesson in firework safety, that fortunately, did not prove too costly to a group of Cedar City teens.

Nate Beacham returned home just as smoke began to billow over a neighbor’s fence from a vacant lot behind.  Fireworks lit by teens ignited tinder dry brush.

Beacham, and a construction crew working nearby, were able to extinguish the flames before Cedar City fire personnel arrived, and before the fire reached the wooden fencing and homes beyond.

“The reason why firecrackers are not legal in the state of Utah is because, if you light them off, especially in this dry grass, it is going to start a fire. It’ll take off – they have enough powder in them, and the way they explode, the paper around them, it’s just going to start a fire,” said Lenore Warby from the Cedar City Fire Department.

The precision pipe construction crew, equipped with a water truck just happened to be working on the new state bank building less than a block away.