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0000017c-7f7e-d4f8-a77d-fffffe370000Utah Public Radio is dedicated to bring you in-depth political stories during this election year so you can cast an informed vote. Here is a compilation of our local news coverage for you to refer back to, to study and to share with others.

Senator Mike Lee And Challenger Misty Snow Debate At BYU


The US senate race in Utah pits the nation’s first transgender candidate for senator against an incumbent republican, in a predominantly red state.

Misty Snow says working as a checker at Harmon’s grocery story means she understands the financial struggles many voters face. Snow comes into the race without any prior experience running for office. She says her background puts her in a place to represent people who feel they don’t have a voice.

“I’ll offer a fresh and new perspective on Washington… a perspective that actually relates to working class people, average people, poor people, middle class people… that is not in Congress.”

With tea party support senator Mike Lee ousted the previous republican incumbent in the 2010 state convention. He led the shut down of the federal government in 2013 because of his desire to defund the affordable care act. In contrast with his competitor, Lee’s approach to help the middle class and those in poverty is through comprehensive tax reform.

“The business of Utah is not business. The business of Utah is Utahns.”