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CCPD Investigates String Of Overnight Vehicle Arson Cases


Tuesday afternoon, police identified the suspect 23-year-old Isaac Wall of Beaver Utah has been taken into custody. He is described by investigators as the ex-husband of one of the six victims. The other five cases of arson seem to have been randomly selected - perhaps to divert the attention of investigators.

In four of the six cases, the vehicles were total losses.

Original story:

The Cedar City Police Department is investigating a string of vehicle arsons, early Tuesday morning. The fires occurred at four different Cedar City locations, involving six vehicles. 

The fires broke out between 1 and 3:30 a.m. Tuesday. Damage is estimated to be in the tens of thousands of dollars, says Sergeant Jerry Womack:

“You know there was a huge crime scene basically with four different locations so they’re out processing all the crime scenes and trying to gather evidence where they can,” he said.

Police have identified a suspect and have interviewed that person. The investigation is ongoing. 

“We’re pretty confident the he was by himself and nobody else was involved,” Womack said.

The suspect is yet to be identified. Those with information are asked to contact the cedar city police department.