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Utah Judge Under Fire For Rape Case Sympathy
Utah Judge Rape Case

A Utah judicial oversight commission representative says the number of comments about a judge calling a convicted rapist a "good man" during his sentencing hearing has nearly tripled since Friday.

Jennifer Yim said Monday that she has received in total about 120 emails, phone calls and Facebook messages about Judge Thomas Low.

That number is up from about 46 on Friday.

The messages started coming in late March when Low came under scrutiny for letting Keith Robert Vallejo out of custody after a jury found him guilty of 10 counts of forcible sexual abuse and one count of object rape.

Yim says most of the messages, though, have come since Low's remarks at Vallejo's sentencing hearingWednesday.

Yim says on average her organization receives about two or three comments about Utah judges each week, so this is "an extraordinary number."